A network of experts to support biotech innovation

We support Biotech and Pharma Industry leaders to facilitate innovation and business development. Through a network of experts, we build with you a dedicate multidisciplinary team to bring the relevant, actionable (concrete) solutions to succeed. Our ‘human’ approach combined to a real team spirit is what differentiates our service from freelancers or consulting firms.

Domains, we support




  • Strategy of Innovation in Biotechnology and Diagnostic

  • Biomarker and Diagnostic Development

  • 2nd and 3rd generation DNA sequencing

  • Business Development support


  • Virologist & microbiology Expert note on safety risk analysis

  • Process evaluation for viral clearance & TSE

  • Regulatory support for biologics and Medical devices safety

  • Virus detection by NGS
  • Strategy support to early-stage clinical trials

  • Product development road map

  • Coordination of CRO

  • KOL network

The BioExperts’ Team

Jean-Marie Charpin

Biologics Safety Expert & President

Charles Hébert

Biotech innovation expert & CEO

Béatrice Hébert

Biotech Innovation & Clinical expert

Rodrigo Gajardo

Viral safety & manufacturing expert

Our values

  • Based on real life experience, creativity and confidentiality, we want to synergize to find together innovative solutions

  • A human-centric approach with a caring team-spirit is our DNA
  • We believe in innovation for a better world